Ganpati Train Konkan 2024 Tickets Online Booking (Reservation) Date and Time

The online booking (reservation) of train tickets for the Ganpati Festival 2024 opened from 4th May 2024 at 8:00 am on IRCTC website and PRS Counters.

Ticket booking starts 120 days prior to date of travel of trains departing from Mumbai and Pune for the Ganpati Festival in Konkan.

Holi and Ganpati are main festivals in Konkan. These festivals give them energy and happiness. Every Konkani visits his or her village to celebrate these festivals every year. In Ganpati Festival, Idol of Ganpati is brought in every home and worshipped Lord Ganesha.

Ganeshotsav, a festival that has been celebrated in Konkan for generations, provides vitality to all Konkanis. When Ganpati arrives, everyone in the home gets excited. On Bhadrapada Shuddh Chaturthi, the adored Ganesha appears to the sound of drums. The time when all of the village’s residents bring home the lovely idol of Lord Ganesha from the Ganesh Murti Karkhana is memorable.

The Ganpati festival in Konkan lasts six days. Ganesha arrives at Bhadrapada Shuddh Chaturthi. Lord Ganesha is wholeheartedly worshipped from this day until Ganesh Visarjan. Gauri Mata appears on the fourth day from Chaturthi. Gauri Pujan is done on the second day after Gaurimata’s arrival. Gauri Ovasa on this day holds tremendous importance. On the next day, Gauri Ganpati is immersed. On this day, everyone has tears in their eyes.

This year Ganpati arrives on Saturday, 7th September 2024. Gauri aagman (arrival) is on 10th September 2024. The date of Gauri Pujan is 11th September 2024. Gauri Ganpati will be immersed on 12th September 2024.

Thousands of Chakarmanis return to their villages during Ganeshotsav. Instead of spending high fares and driving on potholed roads, they prefer trains for safe and cost-effective travel. Ganesha devotees go to the village by booking Konkan Kanya Express, Tutari Express, Mandovi Express, Diva Sawantwadi Express, Tejas Express, Netravati Express, and Matsyagandha Express 120 days in advance. This year’s Ganesh Chaturthi is on 7th September 2024, and reservations for these trains began on 4th May 2024.

Rail travel is less costly than state bus tickets. Private bus tickets are likewise fairly expensive. Despite the fact that Konkan Railway runs special trains during Ganpati, these special trains have a special fare. As a result, chakarmani book regular train tickets four months (120 days) in advance.

Devotees arrive in their village a day ahead of Ganpatibappa’s arrival. This year, because Ganesh Chaturthi is on Saturday, 7th September 2024, they will most likely travel for their village on Thursday evening.

Ticket booking (reservation) for Thursday, 5th September 2024 will be available on Wednesday, 8th May 2024. The following table gives the information about for which day ticket booking (reservation) will be available on which day.

Ganpati Train Booking Dates:

Travel Day and DateReservation Day and Date
Sunday1st September 2024Saturday4th May 2024
Monday2nd September 2024Sunday5th May 2024
Tuesday3rd September 2024Monday6th May 2024
Wednesday4th September 2024Tuesday7th May 2024
Thursday5th September 2024Wednesday8th May 2024
Friday6th September 2024
Thursday9th May 2024
Saturday7th September 2024
(Ganesh Chaturthi)
Friday10th May 2024
Sunday8th September 2024
(Rishi Panchami)
Saturday11th May 2024
Monday9th September 2024Sunday12th May 2024
Tuesday10th September 2024
(Gauri Avahan)
Monday13th May 2024
Wednesday11th September 2024
(Gauri Pujan)
Tuesday14th May 2024
Thursday12th September 2024
(Gauri Ganesh Visarjan)
Wednesday15th May 2024
Friday13th September 2024Thursday16th May 2024
Saturday14th September 2024Friday17th May 2024
Sunday15th September 2024Saturday18th May 2024
Monday16th September 2024Sunday19th May 2024
Tuesday17th September 2024
(Anant Chaturdashi)
Monday20th May 2024
Wednesday18th September 2024Tuesday21st May 2024
Thursday19th September 2024Wednesday22nd May 2024

Konkan Railway will also run Ganpati Special Trains for Konkan in 2024 from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus Mumbai, Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Mumbai, Panvel and Pune.

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